The Stall Keeper by Anderson Reynolds
Winner of the National Arts Award for Prose

ISBN-13: 978-09704432-6-7
ISBN-10: 09704432-6-9
Format: Trade Paperback, 280 pp.
Pub. Date: January 2017Buy Now
Publisher: Jako Books

Set in the author’s hometown of Vieux Fort, St. Lucia, and
using the American World War II occupation of the town as backdrop,
The Stall Keeper provides deep insights into the forces that have shaped
Vieux Fort.


The Struggle for Survival: an historical, political, and socioeconomic
perspective of St. Lucia by Anderson Reynolds
Winner of the M&C Award for Prose

ISBN: 0-9704432-2-6
Format: Hardcover, 206 pp.
Pub. Date: June 2003 Buy Now
Publisher: Jako Books

The Struggle For Survival is history that reads like a novel.  The book is a multilayered and dynamic narrative of the history, politics, culture, and economics of St. Lucia. With just one glance through history, the book captures the essence of St. Lucian society.



Death by Fire by Anderson Reynolds
Winner 2001 M&C Main  Literature Prize

ISBN: 0-9704432-1-8
Format: Trade Paperback, 205 pp.
Pub. Date: January 2001Buy Now
lisher: Jako Books

Set in the picturesque Caribbean island of St. Lucia, Death by Fire is an epic novel in which natural calamities, historical events, supernatural forces, and betrayed love all combine in deciding the fate of its characters. As such it is a profound statement on the nature of fate and the forces that shape society.




Phases by Modeste Downes
Winner 2005 M&C Main Literature Prize

ISBN-10: 0-9704432-4-2
Format: Trade Paperback,  102 pp.
Pub. Date: January 2005 Buy Now
Publisher: Jako Books

Phases is a collection of over fifty dew‑drenched poems that speak powerfully to a past when living was peaceful and growing up was fun, and a present whose dynamic invokes nostalgia and a craving for a return to the past. Like a surgeon with a scalper, Phases dissects St. Lucian society to reveal and diagnose its spiritual and social ills. Yet like an artist with a paintbrush, the book celebrates the uniqueness and hence the very essence of our culture.


The Brown Curtains by Clive Sankardayal
Winner 2005 National Arts Award for Prose
Short Listed for the 2006 Guyana Prize for Best Fiction

ISBN-10: 0970443250
ISBN-13: 978-0970443250
Format: Trade Paperback, 288 pp.
Pub. Date: January 2006Buy Now
Publisher: Jako Books

The Brown Curtains follows a group of Guyanese professionals as they migrate to St. Lucia to take advantage of better pay, as such the novel presents a lesson in racial, cultural and religious tolerance that has important implications for the CSME and Caribbean integration. And as one of the few West Indian novels to explore intra-Caribbean migration and cultural differences among CARICOM countries, The Brown Curtains is indeed a path making work of art.


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