Shrove Tuesday March & Pan Beating Moves to Laborie

With veteran director Kendel Hippolyte, young successful assistant director Michelle Theobalds and a talented young cast of Carlisle Griffith, Delano Payne, Ethan James, Haydn Felix, Henzel Samuel and Jaimie Forde, pan lovers and theatre-goers are in for quite a treat in this the Youth In Theatre Company’s 3rd Annual Roderick Walcott Production, “Shrove Tuesday March” and “Pan Beating encompassing a wonderful blend of experience and creativity. The play is centered on two feuding steelband groups and shows Roddy’s understanding and love for the steelband. “Pan Beating”, the second part of the production, celebrates the development of steelband and highlights the struggles of the art form in St. Lucia.  The play will premiere in Castries on November 1 and 2 at the National Cultural Centre before moving to Laborie on November 4.

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